Top 10 Places to Visit in Alanya;
1. Alanya Castle

You can start your tour of Alanya from Alanya Castle. The magnificent view of the castle will enchant you. You can't get enough of the bird's-eye view of Cleopatra Beach, Alanya Harbor, Keykubat Beach and Cilvarda Cape from Alanya Castle. The magnificent structure of the castle will also impress you. When you go to Alanya Castle, do not forget to visit Ehmedek, Süleymaniye Mosque, Gemili Masjid, Cistern, Akbeşe Sultan Mosque and Tomb, Alanya Lighthouse. During the castle tour, many places where you can relax, cool off, have a drink and eat against the unique Alanya views are waiting to serve you.

2. Red Tower

The Red Tower, which was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I in the 13th century, has become the symbol of Alanya. Do not leave Alanya without visiting the octagonal Kızılkule, which is one of the unique examples of Seljuk art, without seeing the view from the terrace from the top floor, and living the history to the fullest. Do not forget to visit Tersane and Tophane after watching the exhibitions opened in the tower during your tour of Kızılkule. If you wish, you can complete your trip in a pleasant way by swimming in Tersane Beach, which is small but has a sea like an aquarium and is intertwined with history.

3. Alanya Museum

Alanya Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Antalya. Do not forget to visit the Alanya Museum, which is very easy to reach in the city center. It is a very nice museum with its garden arrangement and hall arrangements. The richness of the exhibited works is another reason to visit. The symbol of the museum, which is very well preserved, İ.S. The 52 cm high bronze Heracles Statue, dated to the 2nd century, is exhibited in a separate hall.

4. Cleopatra Beach

If you visit Alanya and do not swim in this very private beach, something will be missing in your life. This private beach, which starts with Damlataş Beach in front of Damlataş Cave on the right side of the peninsula, welcomes thousands of guests every year. You can visit Damlataş Cave before going to the beach. When swimming with sea goggles, it is possible to watch the fish and the natural beauties of the seabed very comfortably. Both beaches are open to the public free of charge, and sunbeds and umbrellas are paid. These fees of many beach businesses are at reasonable levels.

5. Dim Stream and Dim Cave

Various pinking areas, restaurants and tea gardens serve tourism in the region starting from just below the Dim Dam built on the Dim Stream, which is the cooling and breathing area of ​​Alanya, and down to the bottom. Sitting on the platforms built on the cool waters of the tea in hot weather, eating and drinking tea creates a different environment. Do not forget to visit the beautiful Dim Cave, which must be seen on your trip to Dim Stream. Dim Cave has a very beautiful view as well as its location and location.

6. Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is a natural beauty that we will say do not return without seeing it during your Alanya trip. Sapadere Canyon road has as impressive and beautiful views as the canyon itself. On your way to Sapadere Canyon, you feel like you are traveling to the heart of the Taurus Mountains. Buddha makes your journey not boring. At the entrance of the 750-meter-long canyon, there is an area where you can easily park your car, artificial ponds, a single restaurant, picnic area and souvenir shop. There is an entrance fee.
7. Syedra Ancient City

If you want to add another cultural trip to your Alanya trip, to make a trip to the ancient times, Syedra Ancient City is the perfect place for you. It was established on a hill climbed through banana gardens on the Alanya Gazipaşa road. BC in the history of the city The ancient city of Syedra, which is supposed to date back to the 7th century, is both beautiful and worth seeing. The city is entered through the monumental gate that is still standing. The ancient city is surrounded by walls. There are cisterns fed from natural springs, plastered inside, which come from the Antiquity and meet the water needs of the city.

8. Alara Han

During your trip to Alanya, do not return without visiting the Alara Han region, which is within the borders of Okurcalar Town. This will be both a cultural and natural beauty tour. You can visit the Seljuk monument Alara Castle and Alara Han (caravanserai) by taking a nature walk in the region and on the coast. You can swim in the cool waters of the Alara Stream by eating and drinking from the seating areas on the Alara Stream. Swimming in the very cool waters of the creek is a pleasure in extreme heat. Alara Han is approximately 38 km from Alanya and 39 km from Side. You can spend a beautiful day intertwined with history and natural beauties in the region.

9. Alanya Observation Terrace

If you wish, you can go to breakfast at the facilities in the region and watch Alanya from the observation terrace at the same time. The viewing terrace, which resembles a botanical park in the picnic area, has different views at night. Black pepper trees on the Observation Terrace are a separate part of the park.