I would like to recommend a place that reflects the magnificent nature of the Black Sea for those who are overwhelmed by the hot weather in summer. This corner of paradise of the Green Army is really worth seeing. Yes, Ohtamış Waterfall is waiting for you among the green leaves. With its plateaus, hazelnut groves and unique geography, this unspoiled, untouched waterfall of Ordu offers pleasant moments to explorers.

Ohtamış Waterfall, located in Ohtamış Village, 38 km from Ordu, the pearl of the Black Sea, and 20 km from Ulubey district, spills from a height of 30 meters with a 90 degree slope. Ohtamış Waterfall, the biggest waterfall of the Black Sea, is the favorite of Ulubey district. It is possible to reach Ohtamış, which is the most popular of the 50 waterfalls in Ordu, via an asphalt road. There is also the opportunity to swim in the lake at the bottom of the waterfall.

There are places to drink tea and coffee 30-40 meters from Ohtamış Waterfall, but there are not many facilities. Being a virgin is the biggest advantage for nature lovers. Local people do not want this untouched image to be spoiled much. There is also suitable land for trekking around. But those who will walk should be careful! Narrow trails and steep and stony roads can be difficult to walk. It is possible to have a picnic nearby.

Since the surrounding of Ohtamış Waterfall is full of hazelnut orchards, it is useful to warn those who will go because of the density of hazelnut harvesting time in summer. It's a really tough time for campers and hikers. However, those who want to enjoy these cool waters in summer are not few. The waterfall, which is approximately 500 meters above sea level, pours its waters into the Melet River.